Enjoy 20% off your first Sugaring Hair Removal Treatment




Top Lip, Chin, Neck £6.50 each
Face cheeks £7.40
Eyebrows £7.00
Underarm £7.40
Stomach from £4.20
Bikini Line £7.40
Thong Line £4.40
Hollywood £21.50
Nipples £4.20
Brazilian £19.50
Arms ½ £9.00
Arms Full £11.00
1/2 Legs inc. knee £11.40
3/4 Legs £14.40
Full Legs £17.00
Top Legs only £11.40
Back/Chest (men) £24.00 each
Ladies Back from £8.00
Bottom cheeks from £5.00

Sugaring Special Savers


Underarm/Bikini Line/1/2 Legs £25.00
Underarm/Bikini Line/full legs £30.60
Underarm/Bikini Line/3/4 Legs £29.00
Full legs/ Bikini Line £23.40
Eyebrow Shape/Eyelash Tint £14.00
Eyebrows/Eyelash &Brow Tint £22.00

Alternative Therapy Treatments


Aromatherapy Massage Full Body
(using hands free techniques)
Aromatherapy Massage 1/2 Body
(using hands free techniques)
Shoulder, Neck & Back (45 min) £25.00
Indian Head Massage (30 min) £25.00
Hopi Ear Candling (1 hr) £25.00
Essential Oil Top-to-Toe - 2hrs approx
(Aroma facial plus Full Body Aroma Massage)

Other Treatments


Hot Paraffin hand or foot wax £9.00
Hand or foot Wax with massage £11.00
O.P.I. Manicure (no colour)* £20.00
O.P.I. Pedicure (no colour)* £22.00
Eyelash/Eyebrow Tint £8.00 each
Studex Ear Piercing £10.00
Choice of Studex Earings from £5.50
Studex Nose Piercing (inc. stud) £20.00

Light Concept Gel Nail Extensions & Gel Toes


Full set - Natural £37.00
Refills £1.70 each
Reseal £1.20 each
1 x New Nail £3.70 each
Full set French/Colour/Gems/Nail Art £42.00
Refills £2.20 each
Reseal £1.70 each
1 x New Nail French/Colour/Nail Art £4.20 each
Natural Nail Protective coating £28.00
Refills £1.70 each
Reseal £1.20 each
Nail Protective Coating French/Colour/Gems/Nail Art £33.00
Refills £2.20 each
Reseal £1.70 each
Gel Toes Natural £21.00
Refills £16.00
Gel Toes French/Colour/Gems/Nail Art £26.00
Refills £21.00
Removal of Nail Tip Extension & Manicure £35.00
Removal of Nail Tip Extension & Manicure £35.00

Monu Hands On Facials


Express facial £24.50
Relaxing Essential Oil Facials £35.00
Aromatherapy Facial £30.00
SOS Facial £30.00
Alpha Facial £31.00
Ampoule Facial £31.00

Special Savers


O.P.I. Manicure & Hand Wax with massage £27.00 saves £4.00*
O.P.I. Pedicure & Foot Wax with massage £29.00 saves £4.00*
Eyebrow Shape/Eyelash Tint £14.00 saves £1.00
Eyebrows shape Eyelash & Eyebrow tint £22.00 saves £1.00

A 50% deposit of the booked treatment is required for appointments that are over an hour long. Non refundable if missed or cancelled or rearranged within 48 hours.

24 hours notice is required for cancellations or rearranged appointments under 1 hour long. Any missed appointment, rearranged or cancelled appointments under 24hrs will be charged 50% of the booked treatment.

CANCELLATION POLICY Clients who wish to cancel or rearrange their appointment are kindly requested to provide 24 working hours notice (Mon - Fri) or regrettably 50% of the booked treatment will be charged. Clients can notify me via Phone, Facebook, email or text whichever is the easiest. 50% of the booked treatment will be charged for forgotten appointments.

LATE ARRIVALS POLICY should you arrive late for your appointment I will do my best to honour your full treatment however it may be necessary to shorten or cancel your appointment for the consideration of other clients but you will be charged 50% of the remainder booked treatment.

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